If it stinks, we've got your "solution": Odor Conjagation

By The Odor Doctor

Your nose tells you when something smells ‘good”, like fresh bread or clean linen. It also tells you when something smells ‘bad’, like the smell of urine or skunk. Our noses have the ability to recognize various types of smells and send them off to our brain for analysis. Odor can then affect our daily routine, our mood and how we associate with others. 

So what are your options in eliminating the “bad” ones? 

Most of the odor eliminators today use a process called ‘masking’. The goal of masking agents is to cover up the bad odor with a more pleasant smelling alternative. This doesn’t last very long and the “bad” odor returns and quite often the combination of the “bad” odor combined with the masking product can create a new odor that is more offensive than the original “bad” odor. Obviously this is not a good process to use. 

A second and very broadly used process is with the use of enzymes. Enzymes are a very effective deodorizer if they can be used in a controlled environment. Unfortunately most areas where they are needed to eliminate an odor have already been contaminated to the extent that enzymes won’t work. Consider this scenario: An odor is present that you would like to remove. Maybe its pet urine in the carpet or cigarette/marijuana smoke residue in a room. Most home owners feel they can clean away the problem. So they use their detergents and cleaners to fix the issue. The problem is, odor molecule (that’s the culprit with all odors) is not affected by detergents or disinfectants. So the odor returns and now the area is contaminated with the unseen residue of the detergent which if an enzyme deodorizer is used will kill the live bacteria/enzyme. Enzymes are proteins that need to stay alive to be effective. They are difficult to use because the application area needs to stay moist and warm four hours. Most enzymes have a shelf life thus they can quickly deteriorate before they are used. Shipping from the production line, to the distributor, to the retailer, to your home or office, can take a toll on an enzyme deodorizer. 

Odormed products use a process called Odor Conjugation or paring. This is a proven scientific principle using a chemistry that works at the molecular level to neutralize the odor molecules ability to emit a vapor. As I said above “the odor molecule is the culprit”. These molecules come from the odor causing matter. They are constantly off-gassing or emitting a vapor that can be offensive. This vapor comes in contact with the olfactory system and your nose/brain tells you if it is a good or bad odor. Odormed products work instantly and are not affected by detergents or disinfectants so it doesn’t matter what been used before or how old the odor is. Odormed products are extremely safe and easy to use.  

While the pairing or conjugate theory seems simple, finding the right formula to make it work is quite difficult.  

At Odormed we’ve figured it out.