Odormed cigarette smoke

Using ODORMED on cigarette smoke odor

Once again you need to treat the odor at the source. Just spraying something in the air and expecting the odor to be gone won’t work. Us the ODORMED for cigarette smoke odors with the sprayer and spray every surface. Use it on walls, floors, carpet, ceilings and most important turn on the furnace and spray in the cold air returns. Don’t for get to change the furnace filter. This process works great in automobiles and small rooms but if you have a larger area to treat I recommend getting a pump-up sprayer with a wand. You can find these in the garden section in many stores. If the walls are yellow with nicotine you have to scrub. Just add the ODORMED to the cleaning solution so you can do two jobs at the same time. Clean and deodorize. Need help? Email The Odor Doctor


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