How it works....


                                                                  ODORMED Product 


All ODORMED products are made from a unique combination of essential oils and trace elements.  

Essential Oils...  

Essential oils provide a natural solution for the treatment of numerous odors. Essential oils are liquids extracted from plant material by pressing, solvent extraction, or steam distillation. Essential oils easily evaporate infusing the air without leaving an oily residue behind. They are extremely complex organic compounds consisting of hundreds of components and trace elements.   

Trace Elements...  

Trace elements give essential oils their character and enhance their ability to blend with other oils. As in all natural oils, trace elements provide the delicate, extremely complex nuances that give them a unique odor neutralizing quality. The synergistic effect of trace elements enhance the blending and performance of the odor neutralizing product. The blended product actually becomes greater in effectiveness than the oils individually. 

                                                       Chemistry...3 Separate Features 

Odor is usually caused by a number of different odorous molecules each having the ability to emit a vapor. Each molecule requires a different treatment. The neutralization of a molecules ability to emit a vapor is accomplished by our product(s) through a combination of the following mechanisms: 

Bonding: Molecules of odorous compounds will adhere or attach to our odor neutralizer molecule. The odorous molecule is now part of a larger molecule with the result being significantly lower, or no, odor due to our products odor neutralizing ability.   

Absorption: Molecules of odorous compounds are dissolved into our odor neutralizing product(s). Malodors usually are molecules from volatile organic compounds in a vapor or gas state. When the malodors contact our odor neutralizing molecules, they become a new non-odorous compound. 

Counteraction: There are certain pairs of molecules that have a neutralizing effect on each other. Each of them has a recognizable odor on its own, but when combined both become unrecognizable by a canceling effect. This phenomenon, “Zwaademaker pairs”, is used quite effectively to neutralize the malodorous molecules. Equally important is the fact that odor intensity reduction can often be affected by relatively small amounts of our compensating material compared to the malodor. 


All ODORMED products are safe for use on ANY surface, are non-toxic, non-irritating and completely biodegradable. All of our products work instantly. There is no dwell time. Pets and people alike can be on the treated surface or in the treated area immediately after application.