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  • Any substance with a vapor pressure has the potential of emitting odors. Out of the almost infinite number of odor possibilities, the human nose can detect about 5,000. Certain of these  5,000 detectable odors do not register at all with some people. For  example, only 65% can detect the principal odor in human sweat, androsterone. Yet, 95% can smell mercaptans, which are the principal portion of the skunk spray. (This is why mercaptans are added to natural gas; most people can smell it when it's present in the atmosphere.)
  • The ability to smell is a sense that rapidly becomes fatigued. A person working in a place contaminated with a malodor will become totally oblivious to it, yet it could be highly offensive to someone entering the area.
  • Odor is usually caused by a number of different odorous molecules. Each molecule requires a different treatment. ODORMED'S odor neutralizing proprietary formula is based in essential oils. Essential oils provide a natural solution for the treatment of numerous odors regardless of the source
  • Products sold in spray bottles for use on carpet or upholstery are usually not effective. This due to the fact that the odor source is most generally beneath the carpet and the pad where sprays cannot reach. Thornells ready-to-use products are packed in soaker bottles to assure saturation to the odor source.
  • An odorous facility tends to make clients uncomfortable and less likely to return and can be unhealthy for the your staff.
  • Odor transfer from your business to the pet can lead to loss of revenue due to negative reaction from clients.
  • Many enzyme based products are not effective because of what’s been used prior to clean or eliminate the odor. These previously used products leave a residue that inhibits or kills the bacteria/enzyme before it’s able to work. All ODORMED products are non-enzymatic so they work regardless of what’s been used before.