Using ODORMED for pet odor issues

IMPORTANT! To stop the odor you have to treat it at the source. You can’t just spray something in the air and fix the problem. With pets, the most common problem is urine, generally on the carpet. But the source of the odor is not on the top of the carpet it’s below. So in this case you have to pour the deodorizer on. Spraying the top will not help. So with ODORMED use the provided soaker cap and saturate to spots. If the odor is on hardwood floors or tile you can use the provided sprayer. IN EVERY CASE YOU NEED TO LET THE AREA COMPLETELY DRY before you evaluate the results. Moisture activates ALL odor molecules so at first you will smell a combination of ODORMED and the urine. Both odors will be gone after the area completely dries. Need help? Email The Odor Doctor.



Every year thousands of pets are dropped off at the local veterinarian to be euthanized due to behavior problems that include puppy pet wetting or geriatric pet incontinence. While we realize that ODORMED for pets is not the total answer, we are hopeful that by providing a product that truly works we can in some way help pet owners who want to do the right thing but are just at their wits end. If you are one of those we hope this product helps. Need help? Email the Odor Doctor.


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